Daily recitations of the Sutra of Golden Light at Institut Vajra Yogini

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At the beginning of the Sutra of Golden Light, Buddha Shakyamuni, the Tathagata, the Arhat, the Fully Enlightened, calls to anyone experiencing misery and affliction, bad health, poverty, loss, abuse, ill will, fear, nightmares, or other harms. He says to make the mind virtuous and to come and listen.


This “King of Glorious Sutras” contains everything needed, from daily happiness to complete Enlightenment. It contains a heart-rending practice of confession and rejoicing, profound teachings on dependent arising, reliable assurances of protection, guidelines for ideal government, and awe-inspiring stories of the Buddha’s previous lives, in which the Buddha shows how, even before he had completely eliminated the delusions, he liberated countless beings from the ocean of suffering through compassion and personal courage. The Sutra of Golden Light moves us to do what has to be done and clearly describes the result.


Lama Zopa Rinpoche has often stressed the recitation of the Golden Light Sutra, which is an extremely powerful practice for peace in the world, for purification, and for accumulating merit.


In March 2014, during an oral transmission of the sutra in Bodghaya, Rinpoche even expressed the wish that a monastery or dharma centre would start a daily recitation of the Sutra.


As of the 21st May 2016, 1,100 full recitations of the Sutra have been accumulated. 400 different people have taken part in these recitations.
Lama Zopa

Receive the Oral Transmission of the Sutra of Golden Light from Lama Zopa Rinpoche

In Australia, from September 26th to October 10th, Rinpoche offered the extremely rare oral transmission (tib.lung) of the Golden Light Sutra in 21 chapters to the retreatants who had gathered at the Great Stupa for Universal Compassion, Bendigo. Rinpoche taught extensively about the benefits of this Sutra: “By reading this Sutra, you take care of this life, future lives, all the way to enlightenment. The whole world benefits from your reading.”


He also agreed to allow those who listen to a recording of Rinpoche giving the oral transmission to receive the transmission in full. You may receive this oral transmission by listening to the audio or from watching and listening to it on video. Click HERE to access. On this link you will find the sutra broken up into three parts with audio and video for each part. You may also download it from the “Audio” section at the bottom of the page. You must listen to the entire sutra in order to receive the full transmission from Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

How You Can Help

If you want to contribute to this collective task of bringing more peace to the world and working for the enlightenment of all beings, there are various ways you can participate:


  1) Attend one group recitation of a few chapters of the sutra at the Institute, any day of the week, the whole year round, either from 11h30 to 12h30 and from 18h to 19h. Please let us know when you plan to come by clicking HERE and please don’t forget to call us (05 63 58 17 22) or email us institut.vajra.yogini@wanadoo.fr if your plans change and you cannot come, so we can organize someone to take your place and ensure the continuity of the recitation.  If you cannot join the group recitations, you can also come at any time of the day to recite a few chapters.


Recitations of the Sutra of Golden Light in the large and small temples at the château.

  2) Come to the Institute and recite the whole sutra by yourself on any given day. Please let us know by phone (05 63 58 17 22) or by email (institut.vajra.yogini@wanadoo.fr). You can also let us know by clicking HERE. Allow between between 2 hours 15 minutes and 4 hours for a full recitation, depending on how fast you can recite.


  3) Recite the Sutra ALOUD at home in one time or broken down into several sessions (you could even recite one chapter a day, and you don’t necessarily have to recite every day, just keep track of where you left off to start again another day). When you finish a full recitation of the 21 chapters of the Sutra, please let us know by phone ( or by email (institut.vajra.yogini@wanadoo.fr) or by clicking HERE. "Lama Zopa Rinpoche recommends that sutra texts at least be whispered. You don't have to make a lot of sound, but at least some! This is best for anyone around - even insects - because then they can hear the words. There may be other benefits as well…"


Click HERE to download the pdf of the Golden Light Sutra.


  4) Rejoice about the recitations that are chappening in the Institute and all over the world and dedicate that for world peace and the enlightenment of all beings.


  5) Help financially for the reprinting of the Golden Light Sutra in French (you can write a check on a French bank made out to Editions Vajra Yogini or can make an (international) bank transfer (references by clicking here).


You can also send us requests for prayers or dedications. They will be read regularly after the recitations. As you probably know, it is traditionally advised to send an offering, even if it is symbolic, to create the karmic link and to make the dedications more powerful.


Download :

Download the Sutra of Golden Light texts in various languages.


Benefits of the Sutra of Golden Light

Reporting the recitations

In the Sutra of Golden Light, Buddha Shakyamuni gives this advice:


The one who wishes to make
unimaginable offerings to all buddhas,
and who wishes to know
the profound sphere of tathagatas
should go to that place – 
whether monastery or dwelling –
where this sublime sutra is explained.


Even reciting one page a day is of great benefit, and it adds up. Read and recite alone or with others. Group recitations are more powerful, that’s why the daily recitations are organized at the Institute. Click here if you plan to join us for a recitation in the Institute, or just show up at 12 PM or 6 PM to join the group recitations. No need to look at the calendar, it happens every single day of the year.


We want to keep a tally of the number of complete recitations. So whenever you finish the sutra at home, please report your full recitation by clicking here.


Every month, we will transmit the number of recitations done by the Institute’s students at the Institute or at home to Anila Lobsang Tendron (Beth Simon), who keeps track on a worldwide level of all the recitations (already more than 25,000 in 74 different countries).


As of the 21st May 2016, 1,100 full recitations of the Sutra have been accumulated. 400 different people have taken part in these recitations.

Videos et Audio (MP3s)

The videos of the oral transmission (tib.loung) of the Golden Light Sutra recently given by Lama Zopa Rinpoche in Australia are available on the FPMT's Livestream channel.


Lama Zopa Rinpoche was very clear that listening to this transmission is an authentic valid transmission of the Sutra. It is said that the recitations of any sutra are more powerful when you have received its lung.


A video compiling the totality of the lung in only one session of a few hours, without Rinpoche’s many comments and teachings, should also be made available soon.


You can also download the MP3 of the oral transmission of the Golden Light Sutra given by Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche in Land of Medicine Buddha some years ago


Following a request to do so from Lama Zopa Rinpoche during the retreat at the Great Stupa, in Australia, Venerable Sarah Tresher shared with the retreatants an inspiring testimony on how the Golden Light Sutra apparently had a tremendous effect on the well-being of the population in the city of Darkhan, second city in Mongolia. Click HERE to listen to it (it lasts only ten minutes).

Buddha head

Questions about Sutra of Golden Light

As you read, recite, and think about this profound sutra, questions will arise.


Use this link to post questions and read replies.

Benefits of the Sutra of Golden Light

Sutra and child Lama Zopa Rinpoche urges us to recite the Sutra of Golden Light every day. The benefits from reciting, listening to, or even hearing the name of the sutra are immeasurable, from eliminating conflict, terrorism, torture and famine to achieving full enlightenment.
quote  This sutra is inconceivable,
For its ocean of virtue is without end;
It frees every being 
From countless oceans of suffering.


Therefore, Rinpoche says, recite even one page every day, and if possible, do so with others.
quote  For beings without merit,
The store of their merit
Will grow into a limitless,
incalculable, inconceivable mass.
This King of Glorious Sutras

Fully destroys external enemies,
Turns back legions of foreign armies,
Removes the fear of the terrified and poor
And causes supreme virtue.


Click here for more quotes from Lama Zopa Rinpoche on the benefits of the Golden Light Sutra.


Click here to read Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s explanation on the benefits of the sutra for world peace.


Sutra and child

Meeting the Golden Light Sutra on
the Relic Tour. Photographer:Andrew Melnic
The sutra manifested as a drum in a Bodhisattva’s dream. From the drum came verses of aspiration and dedication.
quote  By the sound of this majestic drum of golden light,
May the suffering of lower migration,
Yama and the poverty of the three realms
Of the triple thousand worlds cease to be

Experiences with Sutra of Golden Light

Contact with the Sutra of Golden Light can produce new thoughts, changed understanding, interesting dreams, strengthened motivation, and who knows what else!
Lama Zopa Rinpoche has specifically asked to hear about our experiences with the Sutra of Golden Light.  One man reported to Beth that he received a copy of the sutra in the mail and immediately he had an urge to light incense. In the Sutra, the four great kings themselves say that when one offers even one stick of incense, the fragrance calls forth all of the protectors and draws them to the place where the sutra is being honored!


Describe your experiences  with hearing, reading, reciting, giving or receiving, or just thinking about the Sutra of Golden Light, and to respond to other’s experiences.
With grateful thanks to Anila Lobsang Tendron (Beth Simon), who compiled most of the information and quotes that you have found on this page about the Golden Light Sutra.


For much more information and inspiration about the Golden Light Sutra, please look at the web pages posted by Anila Lobsang Tendron on Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s request on the FPMT website.